Breeding & Raising quality dogs.

Fine German Rottweilers

What our clients are saying

"Drako is awesome, super temperment, awesome conformation great muscle and bone structure! Pleasure doing business with Aaron and Kelsey answered all my questions quickly, and went above and beyond as far as providing information and advice." Caleb S. Provo UT

" Very, very happy with our puppy. We looked around for close to a year really wanting something that rose out above the other dogs we were seeing in our price range as far as breeding and conformation, after seeing their dogs and spending an afternoon talking to Aaron and Kelsey we were sold." Bill and Sherri J. Caldwell ID

"Couldn't be happier with Britta she's amazing with everyone! Not planning on getting another dog anytime soon but if we were we wouldn't hesitate to buy from Aaron again. Thanks again" Cindy F. Boise ID

"Anyway, our puppy (big doggie now) is doing great.  He is just a pet.  We did not get him to show, etc.  He is in excellent health, we love him!  Just had his 2 year check up and all is well.  He is a few ounces under 90 pounds, excellent bones, teeth, skin etc.  

I tried to get a good picture of him standing but to no avail.  You get the general idea tho!  Thanks for checking on him." Myrna C Fairbanks AK 

Coming from the finest bloodlines, we breed our dogs to be the champions that they are. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our dogs, we ensure that the finest qualities are bred into them. At birth a rigorous socialization/ desensitization program begins, providing them with the chance to be a great fit in any home.

Proud to be a code of ethics Dog Breeder 

We've chosen to live a relatively simple Agrarian lifestyle raising cattle, goats, rabbits, chickens, etc. We make our own soap, beer, wine, and cheese. We hunt and fish, we smoke meat, and the occasional pipe. We love the land, respect the land, and do our best to live off the land, while respecting our creator, and his creation.

As a young couple we decided that what we really wanted was to own some land, raise some kids, and watch some sunsets together.

Together came to mean something very different to us as I pursued construction management. I saw less and less of Kelsey, and then when our first child was born I missed too much.

So we decided to restructure, to set goals, and budget to meet them. Instead of pursuing X number of dollars, so that we can afford Y amount of things we decided we would determine the Y amount then go make the X.

We also decided to home school our children so that they could participate in a holistic education focused on learning the disciplines of life. We recognized that the most precious resource anyone has is time, and therefore that we would focus on the economy of time as much as possible serving concurrent missions as often as we could. See rich or poor, man or woman everyone has 24 hours in their day, and 7 days to their week, what we've endeavored to do is to integrate our family into our day as much as possible because I'm better off and my kids are better off if I can use the same time to be a carpenter, a mentor, and a math teacher.

We are reformed Christians who love GOD, love people, love culture, love our community, and seek the betterment of all.

We are also very libertarian in our views on the state. We believe that we are called to be light and salt in all we do in this life.

Here are some of our home based enterprises;

  • We have been raising and breeding dogs since 2005. We take great pride in our heritage and history and treat every puppy like it​. We are proud to offer a discount on dogs for active military, and LEO. We also have a program to provide free or heavily discounted dogs to disabled veterans in the capacity of service animals, please e-mail for details or to submit and application.
  • We raise American heritage livestock and poultry
  • We create handcrafted one off accessories for you using renewable, recycled, or re-purposed material whenever possible
  • We continue to expand our handcrafted personal products

A righteous man regards the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.
Proverbs 12.10

Our story

"Harley cam home on Dec. 9 and has been nothing short of spectacular. He has an awesome personality and has been a breeze to train. He is my third Rottweiler in the last 24 years. I have to say that Aaron and Kelsey have far outdone the other breeders I have dealt with. They are wonderful people and actually care about their Sire/Dam and litters. They are quick to respond to questions and encourage contact. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for a Rottweiler puppy contact them. You will find that the puppies are raised as part of a family until moving on to their home. I feel that this is the strongest part of their breeding program. Thank you again Aaron and Kelsey and Walking B Ranch." Sincerely, Scott & Tammy B, Harley, and Bo Jerome ID

Finding the perfect dog

(There just isn't one)

I often talk to people about dogs, ours specifically, or just in general conversation. I'm frequently asked about our dogs behavior, and temperament, I also come across a fair amount of people looking for a magic pill/ potion/ CD/ DVD to make their dogs do something, or to not do something.

We are big fans of Cesar Millans approach to dog pyschology, we place a much higher emphasis on being balanced than being trained. Some dogs are "harder" to work with than others and this will always be the case, conversely you won't usually get more out of your companion than you're willing to put in to them. Finding the perfect dog is kind of like finding the perfect spouse, once you do it still takes significant effort; patience, kindness, forgiveness etc. to make the relationship work.

All dogs need a varying degree of exercise, discipline, and affection. 

Who we are, and why we chose this lifestyle

Great dogs don't just happen. It takes well-bred stock to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.