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This is a legally binding contract for the purchase of one puppy from Walking B Ranch LLC.

In the following Contract breeder refers to Walking B Ranch LLC

Purchaser refers to ______________________________________________________________.

When a deposit is received by breeder, the buyer automatically agrees to the terms of this contract, even if Breeder and/or the Purchaser have not signed a contract.

Puppy Information

Date of Birth: 07/04/2017

Litter Registration Number: Applied for

Puppy sex (please circle one): M F

Sire information


Registration Number: WS38060704

Dam Information


Registration Number: WS41713404

Purchaser Information

Purchaser Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

City / State / Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________

Phone / Cell / Fax: ____________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________________________________________________

Puppy Purchase Cost

Deposits are required for the Breeder to reserve a puppy. Once a deposit is made it is a commitment by the Purchaser to purchase the said PUPPY and it is therefore nonrefundable. Deposits to hold a PUPPY is $200, unless otherwise arranged by breeder. I received a $____________________ US Dollar deposit from the Purchaser on the _____ day of ____________________ 20_____. The full price (Including deposit) for said puppy is $___________ USD. We require a $200 deposit to reserve a puppy. If we do not produce what you are reserving due to an unsuccessful mating or the number of puppies born, your deposit will either be returned, or transferred to a repeat breeding. We accept the following payments: Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier Checks, Money Orders, credit card. The Purchaser’s signature on this contract does not prove payment for puppy, only an agreement to contract terms. Breeder will supply a receipt for the Purchaser after each payment is received. Please save your receipts and/or canceled checks for proof of payment. UNLESS OTHER ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE PUPPIES MUST BE PICKED UP IN PERSON AT OUR LOCATION. PUPPIES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP AT 7-8 WEEKS. WE WILL HOLD YOUR PUPPY FREE OF CHARGE FOR 1 WEEK, AFTER THAT IF PUPPIES HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR IN FULL AND PICKED UP WE BEGIN CHARGING A BORDING FEE OF $15 PER DAY. IF BOARDING FEES IN EXCESS OF $100 ACCRUE ALL INTEREST IN THE PUPPY IS FORFIET.

Selecting Your Puppy

Whether you are looking for a dog to show, a dog to work, or a gentle companion, the breeder will do their best to match you with the perfect puppy. This includes evaluating the litters temperament and social interaction. The Breeder always has the first opportunity to keep a puppy and/or puppies from any litter the Breeder produces.

All puppies will be provided with registration. Once sale is final and Purchaser receives puppy, Breeder automatically transfers full responsibility of puppy to Purchaser. All puppies come with a one year health guarantee . This guarantee warrants that puppy is free of genetic defect, and breeder agrees to replace puppy if serious medical complication arises with in 12 months of birth due to genetic defect.

Purchaser agrees to allow breeder to use pictures, descriptions, and earned titles, of any PRODUCED offspring in all media forms for the purpose of advertisement.

We the undersigned have read the contract consisting of (3) pages and so understand and agree to its terms and conditions. The written terms of this contract constitute the entire agreement between the breeder and the new puppy owner. No statements, promises, or descriptions not reflected in this contract shall have weight of effect upon this contract.

Should it be necessary to enforce any part of this contract by legal means, any and all attorney fees, court costs, and travel expenses will be the responsibility of the new puppy owner. This contract shall be deemed a legally binding contract and is entered into under jurisdiction of only the State of IDAHO, CANYON County. It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be CANYON County, IDAHO. This contract applies only to the original Purchaser and is non-transferable to a second party

I, the Purchaser, hereby certify that I have completely read this contract, understanding its complete contents, and agree to it fully:

Purchaser Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Purchaser Name (printed): ______________________________________________________________________

Date of Signature: _____ day of ____________________ 20_____

I, the breeder, hereby certify that I have completely read this contract, understanding its complete contents, and agree to it fully:

Walking B Ranch LLC agent name and Signature:

Aaron Bertsch ___________________________________________________

Date of Signature: _____ day of ____________________ 20_____

New litter born 07/04/2017 details and pics to come

10 beautiful healthy pups 7 males 3 females $1700

Sire: Epic Vom HausBright 122lbs

​son of INTL CH Lenz Von Den Hassberhohan

Dam: Freyja Vom Grossen 91 lbs

daughter of INTL CH Rick Vom Grossen Tal

Male 1 - reserved

Male 2 - reserved

Male 3-7 available

Female 1-reserved

Female 2-3 available


Fine German Rottweilers